iPhone 7: smaller iPhone 6C allegedly leaked in video

Posted by Richard Telfeja on

A video purporting to show a forthcoming iPhone has surfaced, bolstering claims that Apple intends to launch a new, smaller handset in 2016. 

For some weeks now there have been rumours that Apple is interested in releasing a new four-inch entry level iPhone this year to replace the ageing iPhone 5C. Dubbed the 7 mini, 6S, or 5E by various critics, the video supposedly shows this new handset and was apparently filmed inside Apple's Foxconn factory in China.

Videos claiming to show off new iPhones before an official reveal are common, but more often than not are complete hoaxes. This video in particular has left critics and technology websites rubbing their chins though.

Stuff says that the Foxconn filming location touted in the video's description means that if the video is real, there isn't a more legitimate place to come across leaks within Apple.

9 to 5 Mac sticks the brakes on some of the hype surrounding the video though, highlighting many aspects that make it easy to question its legitimacy. They say that the size of the speaker holes in comparison to the rest of the device match the ratio seen on the larger phones. They also pick up on there being no size comparison with a current phone to confirm it is indeed a smaller device. However, they do say that the leaker of the video, MIC Gadget, has obtained devices prior to launch before.

The phone in the video looks identical to the current iPhone 6S, but it has been said in the past that being a cheap entry level iPhone, the internals and performance will not match the full fat iPhones on sale right now.

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