iPhone 7 To Feature DRAMATICALLY Improved Speakers

Posted by Richard Telfeja on

A newly unearthed patent lends credence to the theory that Apple is keen on improving the iPhone 7’s stereo performance, bringing it more in-line with HTC’s BoomSound and the like. The how and why of this move is explained inside a patent, first published by 9to5Mac, which details how Apple engineers will utilise an “audio chamber” to create bigger, better sounds from the iPhone’s built in speaker system. 

Put simply, what this means is Apple will cut chambers into the handset’s internal chassis which will allow better air flow and, thus, improve the quality and volume of sounds played through the phone’s speakers. Sort of like how an organ works in a Church. Interestingly, and unlike a lot of Apple patents, this one isn’t going to rot away on the floor of one of Apple’s R&D labs — it’s already been put to use inside the iPad Pro.

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