Apple Has Five iPhone 7 Prototypes It's Mulling Over

Posted by Richard Telfeja on

It seems that Apple is still pondering the intricacies of what will feature in the next iPhone handset launched in 2016, as according to a new report the firm has as many as five different prototypes and is deliberating over which one (or ones) will be pushed forward for further development, and ultimately a release as the next flagship (or flagship variant).

Amongst the claimed features of said protoypes there is talk of a USB Type-C port, which is certainly a surprise considering Apple's love for its own proprietary (and relatively new) Lightning port. It's said this USB Type-C port also supports headsets. Other features include wireless charging, "multi-Force Touch", a dual-camera, and a return of the previously rumoured under-display fingerprint scanner; which many pre-launch rumours claimed would arrive in the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s series. Of course, that didn't happen.

It's also reiterated that Apple is testing AMOLED displays, although this isn't believed  to be part of the iPhone 7 prototype testing program, as the introduction of AMOLED for iPhone isn't expected to appear in the next-generation and could remain unseen until 2018/2019, so around the iPhone 8/8s or thereabouts.

It's curious that there's no mention of previously rumoured waterproofing or the use of a proprietary headphone jack smaller than the standard 3.5mm version. The info comes via the usually vague Weibo sources in China, so do take it with a pinch or two of the salty stuff.

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