Apple Planning HUGE Design Update For iPhone 7

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The iPhone 7 WILL be a huge update from this year's iPhone 6s. This is always the case and 2016/17 will be no exception. As is always the case with iPhone stuff, once the latest model is out the blocks, the rumour mill for the next-gen model kick into action. Again, this year is no exception.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster told clients 'we expect the iPhone 7 to sport a unique design from the iPhone 6/6S'. He believes it will do away with the home button, instead relying on the 3D Touch screen introduced in the 6S. 'As many have speculated, the addition of 3D Touch may provide Apple with a way to eliminate the home button on the phone and use the additional space to make the screen bigger or make the device smaller,' he said, according to Barrons.

And maybe it'll be a bit like this...

"A video and accompanying images from Marek Weidlich, a Czech designer, show the device with a top-to-bottom screen, which would be a first for any manufacturer," reports The Week. "The body of the phone looks like very much like an iPhone 6, with a home screen that appears to be based on an Apple Watch.

Weidlich's concept sketch is largely successful, says tech site BGR, but the inclusion of both the speaker and front-facing 'selfie' camera on the screen seem unlikely.

"The front-facing camera and speaker sticking out from the screen is something that Apple would definitely not make," the site says, "as these elements would significantly disrupt in-app UI and overall experience when it comes to gaming and video playback."

“Designer Hasan Kaymak put together a video that imagines what the iPhone 7 might have to offer. One of the radical design changes concerns the home button, which has been eliminated in this design. Instead, there’s a virtual home button, and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is placed in a tiny Apple logo under the bigger, edge-to-edge display,” reports BGR. “Kaymak’s iPhone 7 concept features an aluminum unibody that lacks plastic antenna lines. The video also suggests the phone would not need a physical SIM card – instead, the connectivity would be handled by the device itself.”

Specs for the proposed iPhone include a 24-megapixel camera with support for third-party lenses and a large 3,000 mAh battery. Truly, the stuff of DREAMS.

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