Portable Engraver Pen

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The easiest way to make identifying marks on your belongings permanently for easy identification or to make them more personalize. This Portable Engraver Pen can be used to engrave practically any surface: wood, metal, plastic material, glass, leather and more. With this engraving pen you can also showcase your creativity in different ways; Use it for Arts and Crafts; make identifying marks; Great for art projects, for engraving and inscribing; And putting your mark or initials whenever you like.

  • Hand-Picked, Top of the Line Products
  • Operates by 2 AA batteries
  • Simply use the thumb over the control button to turn it on
  • Comfortable to your hands, works like pen
  • Size: 17.5*2.9*2.9 cm
  • Whether you are a professional engraver or want it simply as an accessory tool for your hobby, you won't be disappointed.
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